mercoledì 31 gennaio 2018

The bridge of damnation 2018

The song is inspired by an actual story of blood and reincarnation happened near Catanzaro (Italy) in the year 1936.
La canzone è ispirata da una storia di sangue e reincarnazione realmente accaduta nei pressi di Catanzaro (Italy) nell’anno 1936.
Words by Zagarus - Music by Ghenes
Produced and arranged by Bretus
Recorded by Francesco Merante at the Black Horse Studio
in the day of 28/12/2017
(All the basic tracks were recorded live in studio)
Mixed and mastered by Francesco Merante and Bretus
Thanks to:
Francesco Tromby - Flute on the intro
Viviana Stancanelli - Video concept and realization

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